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SYLLABUS Course Information

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Jan 31 Ct Issues in Clinical Psychology, Chapter 3 (Trull) Feb 5 Ct issues, continued/Begin Assessment Interview, Chp. 6 (Trull) Feb 7 ...

260A/B Course Oe

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Introdn to Clinical Psychology . 1.0 CALENDAR DESCRIPTION . ... Req Trull, T.J. (2005). Clinical psychology, Seventh Edition, Toronto: Nelson . Thomson Learning.

Adult Psychopathology Psychology 620 Professor: Gordon C ...

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Widiger, T. A., & Trull, T. J. (2007). Plate tectonics in the classification of personality ... Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 2, 267-290.

F 2 Clin ClinPsy Admin clinpsy2008

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Text: Trull, (2005). Clinical psychology (7 th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. (Req) Office Hours: By appointment (immediately before or after class)

Lecture Schedule for PSYC 410 (Therapy & Coing) May ...

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Training, practices, & careers in clinical and coing psychology 2. ... Trull Ch. 6 Class Exercise W 5/24 Paper Assignment # 2 Due Mk Ch.2

San Jos State rsity Department of Psychology PSYC 160 ...

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Trull, T. J. Clinical Psychology, 7. th. Edition. (2005) ISBN: 0-534-63387-0 No other edition of this text is acceptable for this course. Other Readings .

Clinical Psychology 1 - rsity of Massachs Amherst

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Selected papers on relevant issues in clinical psychology will sment the Trull text according to the class schedule below. These readings will be available in


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Pomerantz, A.M. (2008). Clinical Psychology: Science, practice, and ce. ... Trull,T.J., & Phares,E.J. (2001). Clinical psychology: Concepts, methods, and ...

Psychology 436: Introdn to Clinical Psychology

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Psychology 436: Introdn to Clinical Psychology rsity of Maryland, College Park ... Req Text: Trull, T. J. (2005) Clinical Psychology (7th edition).

Instr: Paula Williams, Ph.D. Spring, 2010 Office: Beh S ...

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Trull, T. J. (2005). Clinical psychology (7th Edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Tentative class schedule: Date Topic Reading 1/12 Introdn & Course ...

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